Water Soluble CBD 25% 1g | 5g | 10g


Water soluble and nano Glycosylation: CBD 25%

Water soluble and nano Glycosylation can:

  • Make compounds more soluble – improving GI absorption and enabling better formulations
  • Improve a compound’s ADMET profile – changing tissue distribution, cell uptake etc.
  • Improve enzymatic or physical stability
  • Reduce toxicity – improving the safety window in pharmaceuticals, enabling higher titres in microbial production etc.
  • Change organoleptic properties – making them sweeter, less bitter or changing the flavour profile
  • Allow novel molecules to be created – with potentially novel utilities and refreshed IP
  • Provide a fully scalable production platform at low cost

The UGT enzymes have all been expressed in Escherichia coli expression systems, purified in a nickel column and are delivered in 4 x 96 well microtiter plates.


10g, 1g, 5g


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