Slumber Tincture | 600MG CBD | 300MG CBN | 30ML


Naturally help your body give you a restful sleep tonight through our soothing Slumber blend of full spectrum hemp oil.

A couple drops on the tongue is all it takes for a fabulous array of industrial hemp-based nutrients mixed with plant terpenes and cold-pressed/chemical-free sunflower lecithin…easing the mind, calming nerves. Enjoy!

    • 30ml tincture bottle.
    • Comes with 600mg CBD/300mg CBN; full spectrum industrial hemp oil.
    • Added plant terpenes like Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, and more!
    • Sunflower Lecithin, cold-pressed, chemical-free, vegetarian-friendly and a great alternative to soy lecithin with a better taste and consistency.

Why We Add Terpenes to Our Slumber Blend

Simply put, terpenes are natural plant compounds that help plants smell the way they do and they have amazing nutritional qualities and health benefits. Plants also use them as their own medicine, to ward off bugs, and fuel photosynthesis. Among others, we added drops of the three following terpenes to our Sleep blend of hemp oil.

    1. Myrcene: already one of the most abundant terpenes in hemp, used by the plant to form other terpenes that have made it arguably the king of the plant kingdom. Known to aid with sleep.
    1. Limonene: shown promise in helping to combat stress and anxiety to help calm your mind and musculature before sleep.
    1. Caryophyllene: another common terpene found in not only hemp, but rosemary and even black pepper that also works synergistically to ease anxiety and soothe.

And Sunflower Lecithin

One of the most interesting things about Lecithin (other than the fact roughly 30% of your brain is made of this stuff) is that it’s not just a common food additive, but a vital component to every healthy cell in our bodies. Now, that said, here are three reasons we’ve added sunflower lecithin to our Sleep blend of full spectrum hemp oil.

    1. In our opinion it’s an ideal non-soy and non-animal source of lecithin and it’s extracted without the need for potentially harmful (to humans and the lecithin itself) chemicals/solvents like acetone or hexane.
    1. Sunflower lecithin is rich in choline and provides a host of beneficial phospholipids.
    1. It helps your body emulsify the many beneficial fats in the hemp oil so they can be better absorbed/dispersed into your body.

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