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  • Full Spectrum CBN Drops for your good night rest!
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Full Spectrum -CBN Drops for your good night rest


CBN per bottle: 500mg Cannabinol (CBN)
Bottle Size: 30 ml /1 oz

Serving Size: a quarter of a dropper ( 30 servings)
Flavors: Natural
CBN Cannabinol Tincture Ingredients: CBN Hemp Distillate, MCT (coconut oil) <0.3% THC

According to a study done on CBN’s sedative effect, 2.5 mg of CBN is equivalent to 5mg of diazepam.

But unlike THC though, CBN produces little to no psychoactive effects. This makes CBN a better and safer alternative to THC as a sedative, especially for those who want to avoid THC’s psychoactive effects.

What are the other ways that CBN oil promotes better sleep?

According to an article on Pubmed

In addition to being a potent sedative, CBN also has other therapeutic properties that help you sleep better.

•Reduce pain.

Pain, especially if it’s chronic, negatively impacts sleep. It keeps you up at night and prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. Studies found that lack of sleep contributes to the worsening of medical conditions.

CBN, by itself, produces analgesia when it activates the endocannabinoid system. By controlling pain, you get to enjoy a night of better sleep.

One interesting study found that CBN reduces pain caused by high temperatures. This makes CBN a potential treatment option for burn patients

    •    A decrease in inflammation.

Like its sister cannabinoids, THC and CBD, researchers also found that CBN has potent anti-inflammatory effects.

CBN has a greater affinity with the CB2 receptor. This receptor is abundant in the immune cells, and their activation results in the modulation of inflammation.

When CBN binds to the CB2 receptors of the abnormal immune cells, it induces their apoptosis or cell death. This effectively controls inflammation and stops the immune cells from releasing pro-inflammatory chemicals.

By reducing pain and inflammation, you can enjoy a better quality of sleep

    • Pubmed and other publications –

CBN for bone healing and growth. Research indicates cannabinoids including CBN can help to stimulate the production of new bone, by activating stem cells to help make new bone cells. There are also indications that CBN and other cannabinoids may be helpful in healing fractured bone and helping reverse bone loss, making it of interest to scientists as a potential therapy for osteoporosis.

CBN as a glaucoma therapy. CBN is one of several cannabinoids that appear to be effective as a treatment for glaucoma, as several studies have shown

There’s a lot more research to be done to understand how CBN affects the body, and ways it might be a safe, effective therapy for sleep problems and other health conditions.

We will keep you posted about the benefits of CBN as the science continues to come in.

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